Wednesday 16th December 2020

Looking ahead to riding adventures in 2021...

Kenya & Tanzania in January, February & March This year more than ever we all need something to look forward to and carry us through the winter months. Even in normal years, long cold evenings and grey dreary days make January to March tough months in the UK - but the good news they are superb months for travel to East Africa! Early season safaris start in Kenya in early January and we have several Serengeti Safaris planned in Tanzania. Both countries opened their borders to tourists several months ago and have been enforcing strict protocols to ensure safe, confidence giving travel. Contact us for safari dates .


Ecuador Another excellent option for the first few months of the year, and again open to international travellers. Snow capped volcanoes, colourful markets, condors on the wing and easygoing super-responsive horses. Why not add on a trip to the Galapagos Islands, or to the Amazon rain forest? For more information see: Ecuador

France - Dordogne There's no need to travel far to find space but most of the European rides start a little later in the season. From April leisurely rides through the forests of Perigord, visiting medieval bastides, offer something ‘a little bit different’. Impressive architecture, great horses, delicious food and fine wine. Castles & Caves of Malbec, 4th to 10th April 2021 - from 2775 Euros (approx £2520). For more details see: France, Dordogne & Gironde