Ride World Wide "In a Nutshell" Guides

South America


  ~ The Ride World Wide “In a Nutshell” guide to South America ~

South America offers some of the most spectacular, exciting and varied riding in the world, but we know that the choice can be overwhelming - hence our “in a nutshell” guide was born.

It’s by no means comprehensive, but we’ve tried to highlight the key points for each ride, and hope it can serve as a springboard to help you start the decision making process.

Each ride is of course different, but you can take some things as a given;
~ We only work with small operations, run by a family or individual, giving you a very personal experience.
 Secondly, wherever you choose to go, you will be given the warmest of welcomes - all of our hosts are incredibly hospitable and accommodating, and you’ll be well fed!
~ Lastly, you can rely on the horses being of a good standard wherever you go.

Therefore the choice comes down to personal preference. Would you rather stay on a comfortable estancia, with flexible riding hours and length of stay, different things going on (cattle work, polo etc), perhaps a pool or other activities - or would you like an adventurous place-to-place ride, covering lots of ground with long hours in the saddle, perhaps using pack horses and camping at the end of the day?

Would you rather see majestic mountains or farmland, rushing rivers or crashing waves?

Do you want to see how the locals live or do you want to escape to the wilderness?

The decision is yours - but we’re always here to help.


~ The Climate ~

September to November Spring - fresh days, mornings & nights can be cool (quite chilly at night in Cordoba (Los Potreros), warm afternoons. Chance of showers. Corrientes (La Rosita) getting quite hot by November
December to February Summer - very hot & humid in Corrientes (La Rosita), hot in Buenos Aires and surrounding region, pleasant in Cordoba (Los Potreros), max temp around 30°C. Strong chance of afternoon rain but it’s rarely intrusive
March to May Autumn - mild, good for riding though chance of showers. Still hot in Corrientes until mid-April
June to August Winter - still mild, a good time to visit Corrientes. Cordoba (Los Potreros) can get cold at night but normally warms up during the day

~ The Area ~
Cordoba province, the Sierras Chicas Rolling grassy farmland with forested lower slopes, rocky gorges and waterfalls, rising to open uplands with lovely views over the pampas below

Estancia Los Potreros

It's for you if... you want a flexible stay at a comfortable family-run estancia, picnic rides, low-key polo, cattle work & more

It's not for you if... you want a mobile adventure - it's more about life on the farm

~ The Area ~
Corrientes province Flat, semi-tropical cattle country with water meadows, lagoons and unspoiled native woodland. A little visited and wonderfully authentic area

Estancia La Rosita

It's for you if... you'll enjoy true gaucho hospitality, mixing fun, fast riding herding cattle & horses, with friendly polo chukkas, a chance to fish and swim

It's not for you if... you want luxury or dramatic scenery - accommodation is quite simple and it's pretty flat!

~ The Area ~
Buenos Aires province Traditional prosperous Argentine farmland with open, rolling countryside, excellent going for horses and plenty of room for fast canters

Jakob von Plessen's Estancia Experience

It’s for you if… you want a taste of stylish estancia life, sweeping parkland, polo and good living

It’s not for you if… you’re watching the pennies – this is elegant estancia living, not a budget option


~ The Climate ~

September to November Spring - still chilly in September with snow melting, warming up to become pleasant in November, nights are still cool
December to February Summer - generally the best time to visit Patagonia with January the warmest month. Huechahue rarely sees rain in summer but it can rain year round in the mountains, especially in Chile; there can still be snow showers in Torres del Paine!
March to May Autumn - leaves begin to change colour, rides usually run in the lower areas until late March or April, then winter sets in
June to August Winter - snow!

~ The Area ~
Dominated by the Andes, Patagonia spans both Chile and Argentina with some of the most stunning scenery imaginable - dramatic mountains, pristine forests, crystal clear rivers and lakes on both sides of the border



It’s for you if… you’d like to be off the beaten track, exploring beautiful valleys and remote mountains; progressive camping rides or a flexible farm stay both possible

It’s not for you if… you want luxury or fast paced riding - El Sapucai is rustic & pack horses and terrain limit riding pace in the hills

Estancia Huechahue

It’s for you if… you want a comfortable estancia in Patagonia with flexible hours, long canters (if you wish), condors, cattle & mountain views; there’s excellent fishing & walking too

It’s not for you if… you want a mobile mountain adventure – this is estancia life in the Andean foothills


Jakob von Plessen's Argentine Adventure

It’s for you if… you want a fun place-to-place adventure in the mountains with comfortable camps and homesteads, stunning scenery, swimming in pristine lakes then Pisco sour sundowners

It’s not for you if… you want a fast paced ride, you’re on a tight budget - or you don’t like heights! 


Southern Chile, Torres del Paine

It’s for you if… you want spectacular scenery, long riding hours and open space for fast riding; progressive estancia and camping options

It’s not for you if… you want to completely avoid other tourists (it’s a popular area for walkers) or are looking for constant sun - even in summer, weather is wildly erratic


Patagonian Frontier

It’s for you if… you want full riding days through ancient forest, across crystal clear rivers & lakes with no other tourists to be seen; nights in simple farms & lodges / some camping

It’s not for you if… you want lots of canters (terrain won’t allow) or can’t cope with rain - its temperate rainforest and can rain any time!



~ The Climate ~

September to December Spring - mild, good riding weather with temperatures from low to high 20s°C, usually sunny with chance of showers
January to March Summer - may be hot, daytime temps up to 30°C, a little cooler in the evenings. Rainy season - usually short afternoon bursts
April and May Autumn - cooling down, pleasant, chance of showers
June to August Winter - the coolest and driest months, temperatures rarely fall below 10°C, very pleasant for riding

~ The Area ~
Santa Caterina Coxilha Rica Farmland with rolling grassy hills and forested valleys going on for miles. Prime cattle country with a wonderful local gaucho culture

Gaucho do Brasil

It’s for you if… you want a place-to-place ride with relaxed, fun riding, open space and lots of socialising with guests and gauchos

It’s not for you if… you want luxury or to be alone - groups can be large, rooms in local farms may be shared with 3-4



~ The Climate ~

June to November Difference in day / night temperatures pronounced - can drop to freezing at night, by day high 20s°C. July and August are the driest months with excellent visibility. Heavy showers likely in October
December to May More temperate with milder nights and cooler days, up to around 25°C. Rainy season, particularly May, but generally not all day - often afternoon storms when you have finished riding

~ The Area ~
The Ecuadorian Highlands Open, grassy highland slopes, snow-covered volcanoes, pastoral valleys with patchwork fields of crops, adobe houses, traditional haciendas, markets and colourful locals

Ride Andes Colonial Hacienda Ride

It’s for you if… you’d like a place-to-place ride with comfortable accommodation & a mix of local culture & scenery

It’s not for you if… you want pure wilderness - you’ll pass farms & villages & some areas are getting built up

Ride Andes Andean Adventure Ride

It’s for you if… you want a place-to-place ride with long hours & wilder country and are happy to stay in simple local farms to get off the beaten track

It’s not for you if… you want luxury or aren’t fit for long riding hours at altitude


Ride Andes Volcano & Vistas Ride

It’s for you if… you want a longer place-to-place ride, to get off the beaten track and see Ecuador’s varied terrain and areas

It’s not for you if… you want luxury or aren’t fit to ride long hours and at altitude


~ The Climate ~

April to November Dry season - rain clearing through April to become dry, clear days from May to October, with excellent visibility. Low 20s°C by day, can drop to nearly freezing at night
December to mid-March Wet season - heavy rains, no rides as slippery going

~ The Area ~
The Sacred Valley of the Incas Spectacular mountain scenery high in the Peruvian Andes, with remote villages, peasant farmers and Inca ruins. Rides follow ancient roads & mountain paths and cross open plains

The Sacred Valley Ride

It’s for you if… you’d like to see the wonderful scenery & local culture of the Peruvian Andes, stay in comfortable hotels, visit Machu Picchu and ride a superb pure bred Peruvian Paso

It’s not for you if… you can’t adapt your riding - the smooth Peruvian Paso gait is quite different



~ The Climate ~

September to November Spring - can be breezy and chance of showers, but mild temperatures and fine for riding
December to February Summer - hot but pleasant, lower humidity, most days 25-30°C
March to May Autumn - mild & pleasant, can become quite cool in May
June to August  Winter - quite cool (around 10-15°C) and can feel chilly due to high humidity

~ The Area ~
Rocha Province, Atlantic Coast Coastal farmland and wide sandy beaches perfect for long canters. Excellent cattle country with rolling green pastures 

Atlantic Coast Ride

It’s for you if… you’d like a largely un-touristed country and long canters on deserted beaches, staying in local hotels and estancias

It’s not for you if… you’re after dramatic scenery - it’s flat or gently rolling